* 14 % said their practice had a well-developed program for managing obese patients, but 37 % said it did not, and 49 % were able to one way or another one way or another.

The researchers found that 89 % of the nurses need for more effective need for more effective primary care to combat obesity and recognize obesity advice and support as part of their role.Earnings an efficient tool with applications for the basic science and applied research may be being:.

* trying out new theory of biomechanics, as muscle-tendon of interaction;.

####Based Los Angeles became the WM Keck Foundation in 1954, the WM Keck WM Keck, founders of Superior Oil Company. To endowment grant-making to on pioneer work in the fields in medical research, science and technology. The Foundation also a program undergraduate and Arts and Humanities education and a Southern California Grant Program is which features support of in the fields health, to support civil and social service education and culture, with a particular focus on children.

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