More than six million Europeans suffer from this arrhythmia, and it is at least double over the next 50 years, the aging of the population estimated previously and always survived life-threatening conditions. AF confers a five-fold risk of stroke, and between 20-30 percent of all strokes, especially the most debilitating and life-threatening nature are attributed to this arrhythmia.. 2 Who can sponsor Debbie so online at the Just Giving website.

It takes thirty seconds but can save even years or even years fight. Unfortunately, without diagnosis and effective treatment of individuals from very unpleasant symptoms and poor quality of life. It is important that the services within the NHS are promote promote early diagnosis and, if necessary, expert referral to a rapid and. Effective management can turn a simple pulse check this and helping patients a normal a normal life .. Since receiving a diagnosis and appropriate treatment a year ago, Debbie has their sport back and is now recovering their fitness. While with withdrawn from Olympic competition, Unfortunately, next month a a skating event in Finland Ice Marathon, Debbie will be applied to the grueling 25 km race for capital to help patients with atrial fibrillation.In Sydney Australia For cyclistsIt seems paradoxical but the more human ride a bicycle to our streets in the city, the less likely it have will injured in road accidents.

Aware of, and so that a single Biker is are falls by a motorist defeated at increasing speed of cycling within a community. And more certain bicycles be perceived the more people preparing cycle. .. Studies many countries have agree that to number of motorists conflicts with Wanderer and cyclist displayed non equal to by the number of people walking or bike. For example, a church that doubles their bike Facts expecting third fall in pro – cycling frequency by in a crash involving a motor vehicle. – It’s a positive cycle, says Dr. Julie Hatfield, an infringement expert UNSW, a bicycle reliability seminar set in Sydney, Australia, on 5th September.

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