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* 14 % said their practice had a well-developed program for managing obese patients, but 37 % said it did not, and 49 % were able to one way or another one way or another.

The researchers found that 89 % of the nurses need for more effective need for more effective primary care to combat obesity and recognize obesity advice and support as part of their role. Continue reading

Source: Access Pharmaceuticals,or difficulty breathing. During surgeryAn alarm warns the surgeon that the position of his scalpel is dangerously close to the nerve to to the patient’s vocal cords to emit excessive pressure on the nerve. Nerves are with the naked eye with the naked eye, since color and texture color and texture as connective tissue and small blood vessels. And the risk is considerable: For example, if the nerve the vocal cords serving during surgery on the thyroid is damaged, the patient may be plagued by chronic hoarseness, loss of voice or difficulty breathing.

Fraunhofer SocietyThe Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for applied research in Europe, performing contract research for the industry, the service sector and the government. On behalf of clients in industry, it provides a fast, economical and immediately applicable solutions to technical and organizational problems. Under the European Union ‘s technology programs, the Fraunhofer Society is looking for for industrial consortia, technical solutions to involved involved competitiveness of European industry.. Continue reading

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