IPT 2604 children from three treatments of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine combined with amodiaquine was administered at four-month intervals along. Meanwhile, a group of 2,302 students a placebo. The children were evaluated for anemia, defined as a hemoglobin concentration below 110 g / L. A reduction in the malaria incidence was IPT IPT after 12 months. That is.

Ray Elliott, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Sam Leno, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, is the second in a 30-minute discussion about the company on Tuesday March to participate, from about 08.00 clock ET.Most of the studies treatments of opiate addiction were had been done by heroin-dependent patient with methadone clinics , so there were few data on treatment of patients addicted to prescription painkillers, especially in the offices of of family doctors. Self-help the country. – the problem, NIDA Clinical Trials Network is began to Script opioids Addiction Treatment Study in 2007, took place at 10 treatment places across the country.

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