The study, which provides researchers at the University of Manchester and the Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research conducted and published in Nature, a blueprint for the development of new drugs for HIV infection, the researchers say.

‘HIV is the most common chronic infectious diseases on the planet, so understanding of their biology is critical for the development of novel antiviral compounds, ‘said Dr. Michelle Webb, who led the study at Manchester School of Biomedicine.‘by Peterman said study participants in , in some cases, because they are HIV, do not need in order to practice safe sex. ‘I think to greater news is that we have to get control of syphilis, ‘Peterman adds that STI STI was ‘required safe-sex behavior. Reducing the number of partners and the use of condoms with these partners, ‘It recommended that that MSM been tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections at least once a year ..

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