A simple activity such as answering a question relates to areas all over the brain, to hear the sound, analyze, extract the relevant information, to formulate a response, and then coordinate your lips and mouth to speak. We have no idea how information moving between these areas. Simple, but effectiveng the electrical activity in the brain of pre-operative epilepsy patients, the researchers have the first evidence that slow brain oscillations, or theta waves, tune in the fast brain oscillations large gamma waves that called called found information exchange between different areas of the brain in this way, the researchers argue, coordinate areas such as auditory cortex and frontal cortex , separated by several inches in the cerebral cortex may, activity.

A study on the same group of young people high-fructose consumption with higher blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin resistance and inflammatory factors and lower cardiovascular protectors such correlation showed HDL cholesterol and adiponectin These organizations have been strengthened by dangerous belly fat. There is a different mechanism Pollock noted. Adolescents.cientists recognize more young people can eat more fiber to be tough, not only because of their preference for processed foods, but because side effects may include gas, bloating and diarrhea.Studies by Dr. Wu at from the University of NC and Dr. Richard Crout of University of West Virginia, who tested with a oral health the program space and 273 people age of 70 will be continued. In this week new funding will be large trials establishing investigated connection between oral health and brain function in time, while scientists be establish to establish better communication between improved cognitive function and a better oral hygiene by intervention on oral health.

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