Filing Q1/2010 Q1/2010. The Diclofenac Sodium Matrix Patch is already approved and marketed in Italy since 2005 by a large multinational company under license from April / Fidia and has been licensed in select European markets to a France-based multinational corporations. It is available for licensing in North America and other international markets.. A parallel development program is in Europe with three pivotal trials in ankle sprains , lateral epicondylitis and osteoarthritis performed performed. An application for registration will be a decentralized procedure with France as the reference country.

$ 150 million in sales in its first year of commercialization and peak sales potential of more than $ 500 million. Obliged NSAIDs/Cox-2 inhibitors in the United States more than $ 6 billion per year and topical segment is expected to to grow to a level of more than 20 percent of that amount until 2012. If the time between visits to the doctor after the analysis has been doubled, the average time needed for the HbA1c target increased to reach 35 percent without insulin and 17 percent with insulin, for BP and LDL-C , the average time to reach the target of 87 percent and 27 percent increased..After sequencing of gene from each volunteer, researchers found that 11 of 72 men had been one mutation referred K1019X. The same mutation has been, into only 5.2 % in a control group from 329 common African-American men and only 1 African American 7 per cent of 231 European-American control samples.

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