The study was conducted in a group of very high-risk urban African American men face a variety of social and economic challenges. Unfortunately died during the study, 17 percent of the participants, more than half due to drug or alcohol intoxication or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The researchers note that the alarmingly high mortality rate among the study participants make ‘a great social and public health problem. ‘.. In Nursing News and Research BriefsHypertension Clinical Trial of High Risk Group yields promising Blood Pressure Results Controlling hypertension in African American men in urban areas live has long been a challenge, a perception that researchers may be discouraged from studying that high risk have asked group.

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, 525 North Wolfe St, Rm 525 Baltimore,In allergen-induced asthma, Herbal Medicine Treatment Reduces Inflammationresearchers from Boston University School of Medicine , a traditional Korean medicine, SO – CHEONG – RYONG – TANG that for the for the treatment of allergic diseases in Asia, found that SCRT treatment alleviates asthma-like pulmonary inflammation via suppression of specific chemokines or proteins.Researchers allow one group six hours greater access to cocaine daily, comparison by groups which include one limited effect of drugs were added controlled – an hour or not on a daily basis. In the extended access group, microRNA-212 almost two pleat in the dorsal striatum has increase in comparison with brains of control rats were.

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