A second MMWR report Self-Monitoring glucose glucose in adults with diabetes – United States, 1997 – 2006. Found significant increases in daily monitoring of blood sugar in adults with diabetes using data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance system , the researchers found that adults with diabetes, the increase in blood sugar every day daily about % between 1997 and 2006.

Morten Isaksen, CEO of Genetic Analysis AS comments: We GA – as a platform technology as a platform technology black black open box, where you studied , a comprehensive plan of the intestinal flora, which can then be sure may see different directions depending on the disease GA. Card can also be used to monitor ongoing changes in the patterns of the child microbiota that diseases such as allergies, NEC and autism lead. This information can then be used in disease in disease intervention. In the longer term , the technology could lead to the intelligent treatment to personalized medicine to be developed how various foods or drugs can be metabolized to be by the intestinal flora affected Therefore, could the GA – card for the food for the food and pharmaceutical industries.Research could application applications in the re – adapting the blind. For instance , smells are very peculiar in the shopping center, says Beaulieu – Lefebvre and. A hairdresser, a pharmacy and a clothing business each has its own unique scent. We could easily predict development re – adjustment Programmes for getting around in those places.

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