A series of screening steps, starting from a small group of cyclic hairpin peptide mimetics, led to the development of a fixed structure, and correctly binds RRE. This compound also has the ability to displace the Rev protein by Rev-RRE complexes.

Is an important step in the life cycle of HIV – and a potential target for the treatment – is as follows: The viral RNA nucleus of the host nucleus of the host cell as a long strand out through pores in the cell membrane transported into the cytoplasm of the cell, attached it is translated into proteins or packed into a viral envelope. This discharge is an active process of a viral protein called Rev. Performed for this process were to a binding site to a binding site on the viral RNA, many Rev units called the Rev responsive element . The search for an effective RRE – binding inhibitor unsuccessful so far.Slow down into those who are the original treatment initial treatment. Not be construed as should not be considered a normal part of aging , the research evidence will growing that there are a series of effective treatment options for persons of all ages, said Mary Amanda Dew, professor for psychiatry, psychology and epidemiology at University of Pittsburgh and lead author of the study.

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