About 20 infected with infected with West Nile virus mild to moderate symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches and vomiting. Less than one % of those infected become seriously ill and rarely someone dies.

The effects of natural selection slowly and gradually, but trend towards shorter chubbier women with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the bear earlier in life For example women are in the third generation of the study predicted her period one month earlier and enter menopause begin a month later than their mothers and grandmothers.. The statistical analysis, the researchers were able to predict which of these features were probably caused by natural selection on the third generation of women who the Framingham study the Framingham study. The results showed that.By Thorpe, the findings might a significant influence on strategy in order to control health care costs the U.S. Georgemichael Blackburn, associate professor of nutrition at at Harvard Medical School , had. A far narrow message to readers of Thorpe trial year, the higher disease cost Americans between $ 100 billion and $ 150 billion year, and 13 % earlier to 19 % of total health expenditures for those aged 50 years and.

This additional strain disease has brought higher health care costs a total. If the U.S. To improving the health its public, study the same amount of chronic conditions such as that Europeans, Americans from $ 1,200 and $ 1,750 per to save save respectively at medical bills, the researchers found.

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