SOURCE Cochrane.. Caffeine helps shift employees make fewer errors: Cochrane researchers Caffeine might help those working shifts or nights to create fewer errors, according to a new study by Cochrane experts. The results have implications for wellness workers and for just about any industry relying on night time or shift work, such as transportation. More than 15 percent of workers in industrialised countries are involved in some shift or nighttime work, which may upset organic circadian rhythms or ‘body clocks’. In so-called shift work disorder , employees sleep limited to short periods and will become very sleepy during working hours consequently.‘I don’t want another person dictating the press I get each day,’ she says. ‘I would like to be in charge of it. When I have a TV, I’m less in charge of that.’ As big broadcasters scramble to regain their clients’ attention, they’ve determined and labeled three developing trends. Wire cutters are those that stop spending money on TV completely, abandoning its philosophy. Cable shavers are those who reduce the number of channels or TVs within their home, to save lots of money. Cord-nevers are those young people who move out, under no circumstances setup land line phones or TV subscriptions. They rely on their Internet, Netflix, and their cellular phone. The demographics are changing and the broadcasters know it.

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