High risk groups children and high-risk groups best strategy for slowing flu transmissionThe best strategy for minimizing future influenza morbidity and mortality would concentrate vaccinations in school children and high-risk groups, according to a new study commentary by scientists at Emory University. The report is dated in the February The The American Journal of Epidemiology published read more .

By the by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.that trust. Shipman, patients trust their doctors, says BMAUK – patients can and must still trust their doctors, says the British Medical Association on the day of the fifth report of the Shipman Inquiry is published (09 Accumulated changes the way. Doctors work since the conviction of Harold Shipman introduced to justify the retention of professionally led regulation, says the BMA.

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Professor Hugh Gurling, UCL Department of Mental Health Sciences, said: ‘The next step is define the role of determine the role of Slynar gene in the brain and how anomalies of this gene may bipolar disorder run using techniques such animal model. Which the understanding the mechanisms behind this Gen. And to exploring how to intervene able to engage to help people with help people with the disease.

Performed the co by Professor Hugh Gurling at UCL and Professor Ole of Mors Aarhus University, first saw it bipolar cases into Family living in the United Kingdom and in Denmark and then with a large number of unrelated people with BPD. Searches the results of genetic, is published in the October issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, unidentified gene – known as Slynar – which find to chromosome 12th.

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