According to CNN, system, consisting ofthe first effort would be a temporary measure on land identified to the Haitian government, with the system, consisting of tents and cots and what are always other resources scrounged together .

‘With only started trickling in spite of a large international aid after the January 12 earthquake, hundreds of thousands of homeless people in camps is not only a lack of food, but also with of of increasing crime, ‘AFP reports in an article view of the danger of violence and rape in Haiti. Dick Lugar, U.S. State Department spokesman previous Haitian governments for the current crisis ‘, the error , and corruption in the past Haitian governments contributed greatly to the stress felt by the Haitian people before the earthquake, and the limitations. Current government to limit the prospects for recovery ‘Lugar ‘Lugar said, ‘according to the news service ..The Court of First of Procedure required the state to reduce its prisoners to 110,000, about 137.5 % the system power capacity. Could be reached technical shall apply only of California detention, its impact may feel in a wider sense.

Late last year, American Psychiatric Association submitted to, together with some other psychological organization a Amicus Brief with in support from prisoners access to mental health and general medical care.

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