According to Sarkar, the team found a significantly higher expression of AEG – 1 protein in more than 90 % of tumor samples from HCC patients compared to normal human liver cells. The expression of AEG – 1 protein gradually increases when the disease becomes more aggressive No other genes have been shown in such a high %age of HCC patients upregulated, named Sarkar.

About VCU and the VCU Medical Center:, Virginia Commonwealth University is the largest university in Virginia and ranks among the top 100 universities in the country in sponsored research. Located on two downtown campuses in Richmond, VCU enrolls 32,000 students in 205 certificate and degree programs in the arts, sciences and humanities. Sixty-five of the programs are unique in Virginia, many of them crossing the disciplines of VCU the 15 schools and one college. MCV Hospitals and the health sciences schools , Virginia Commonwealth University compose the VCU Medical Center, one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers.Paper discusses various scenario parasitic perform lead to sex-specific diseases. This includes ‘sex – specific adaptations, ‘ with a sub-populations to the parasitic with fixed, but clear adaptations to females or males or ‘single sex Specialisation ‘, where the parasite is only one host a single host sex and finally ‘ plastic sex-specific diseases expression, ‘where the parasite will vary its answer , depending on whether it is found, can a male or female host.

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