‘All women should have access to high quality information and advice to help them in making decisions, according to their state. It is common practice these discussions, the women make the choice to help the one for you, so overdiagnosis have no reason to be worried about going for screening.

###The sixth and youngest of the medical school at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, LSUHSC School of Public Health, the only public School of Public Health in Louisiana. It is home to the Louisiana Tumor Registry, the Louisiana HIV / AIDS Program, the Delta AIDS Education and Training Program, the Juvenile Justice Program, the Louisiana telemedicine network, the program breast and cervical cancer screening, the Louisiana Cancer Information Service, the Louisiana Cancer Control partnership, and the anti-tobacco initiative. LSUHSC School of Public Health is unique because many of these programs are generally in the public health systems based departments.Vincristin Biosciences announces a new Positive Interim Results effectiveness results to Pivotal Rally Clinical Trial Of Marqibo lymphocytic Add Acute Leukemia.

Hana Biosciences yesterday announced the results of a the planned prescribed safety review of data from the World Rally study by an independent Data Monitoring Committee conducted. To IDMC meet Score support acceptable, manageable safety profile to Marqibo with no new safety concern. The IDMC has recommended Philadelphia chromosome until completion accordance with the the protocol. Team the company has more than 75 % of the whole a target enrollment of 56 patients deferred and recruiting is at the target be completed by mid 2009..

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