Antimicrobial Activity of a novel program of protein synthesis inhibitors against clinical isolates containing KPC and NDM-1 carbapenemases was by J Ici . Bhattacharjee, Kanyo and E. All written Rib-X Pharmaceuticals.

Three poster presentations described the design, optimization and activity of each of the three new classes of antibiotics, several series of compounds with a broad spectrum of action. Each class developed unique unique structure to the large ribosomal subunit target. The direct impact on protein synthesis inhibition , and thus ribosome maturation has been confirmed. In vitro activity against clinical isolates of enteric pathogens particularly difficult demonstrated with extended spectrum beta – lactamases and KPC and treat NDM-1 carbapenemases. Show Entirely new protein synthesis inhibitor efficacy in three mouse models of infection The podium presentation titled, by Andrea Marra, DeVivo,ate Director from preclinical studies shipped at Rib – X. – – authors on the abstract included E. Bortolon, Molstad, Jing and E. – Three completely novel antibiotic scaffolds for the treatment of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections, by Z. By Z. Bhattacharjee, DeVivo, Martynov, Scheideman, Sinishtaj, Skripkin, Wimberly, E. Wu and all the Rib-X Pharmaceuticals.

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