Community providers 40-year track record of providing critical mental health services to nearly six million Americans a year , along with their extensive geographic coverage and deep roots in our communities, mental health and addiction prepares them for the growing demand for our troops to answer treated for PTSD and other disabling mental disorders.

As a veteran, I am tormented by daily reports of increasing mental illnesses that our troops face and how hard it is for her to get help, says Jeannie Campbell, executive vice president of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare. This is a new kind of war, with citizen – soldiers, who called on multiple installations. And help for their serious psychological problems outside our overloaded military system. .That Department of Public Health announced that it implementing a Soccer to prevent the spread novel H1N1 and swine flu, youth camps limiting. ‘The health care and wellbeing of our kids being highest priority,’said DPH Commissioner Dr. Robert Galvin. ‘At that time year when the school ends and many of children visit camp, it is important that in that the bearing aware of the seriousness which H1N1 and the best ways to get protect the in in its camp before that. ‘.

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