Recognizing the peculiarities of the distribution of medicines in Africa is essential for tackling the problem of lethal malaria. ‘ Supply chain efficiency for the distribution of anti-malarial drugs is a matter of life and death for many malaria – endemic countries in Africa, ‘says Min And, although some attempts have been made to address the issue, an understanding for the African distribution system and the unique but complicated socio-economic and legal environment affecting African logistics tackle is essential. Min preliminary study and integrate the shows the way to improving a daunting situation..

In addition, indicate the chronically poor roads that the public transport system, in trucks. Donkey carts and bicycles should also be considered as viable forms of transport rather than a distribution company antimalarial expects in rural areas in trucks.. Min has a comprehensive supply chain map, niceties. Logistics infrastructure, distribution channels, government regulations and business practices unveiled developed. The map could help access to anti-malarial drugs and that prevention of the drug supply chain disruption. Communication problems, seasonal fluctuations in the logistics infrastructure and a high rate of theft and damage during storage and transportation may also overwhelm any company hoping to to distribute anti-malarial drugs in the African market.UNHCR is continue assistance and to coordinate protection of all displaced Iraqis in their host countries across all sectors and closely with WHO work the work on UN bodies and different partners in health.. It was thought that it is a the coordination of the coordination of support in the health sector in order to ensure in that the the issues discussed Each Government shall followed. Each Government to develop coordination mechanisms with partner agencies: the Minister of Health, Red Crescent movement, UN organizations and NGO.

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