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Currently organ disease, combined liver-kidney transplantation Beneficialcombined liver and kidney transplantation seems patients with diseases in both organs, including those with a condition known as hepatorenal syndrome who have dialysis obtained for more than two months profit to to an article in the August issue of Archives of Surgery, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.Sorensen and colleagues to analyze data from the study which try to understand what increases the risk of of sexual dysfunction in trauma victims. Recognize When we may, what is patients who have severely injure themselves and make them available high risk for sexual dysfunction, then maybe we can engaging earlier their hospital of course. When depressions or post-traumatic stress disorder are important contribution payer sexual dysfunction, David H. Possible to reverse sexual dysfunction by the treatment of these conditions. Alternatively, it may be possible to make depression or PTSD less grave of treatment of sexual dysfunction, Sorensen words.. The scientists at University of Washington have not sure why sexual dysfunction may a stubborn problem to trauma patient. However presumed Sorensen, sexual dysfunction, psychological consequences by the and its consequences may be obtained.

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