Artificial neural connection bridging spinal cord injury may help restore paretic hand function Functional loss of limb control in individuals with spinal cord injury or stroke can be caused by interruption of the neural pathways between brain and spinal cord, although the neural circuits located above and below the lesion remain functional click here . An artificial neural connection that bridges the lost pathway and connects human brain to spinal circuits provides potential to ameliorate the practical reduction. Yukio Nishimura, Associate Professor of the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan, and Eberhard Fetz, Professor and Steve Perlmuter, Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington, USA investigated the effects of presenting a novel artificial neural connection which bridged a spinal cord lesion in a paretic monkey.

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Methanol is also a neurotoxin and its absorption can be increased when aspartame is normally heated above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This heating system breaks methanol into formaldehyde which damages the anxious system and is highly carcinogenic. Acefultame Potassium: This artificial sweetener is quite often found in combination with various other artificial sweeteners such as for example sucralose and/or aspartame to mask any form of after taste. This sweetener has been proven to stimulate insulin secretions even though it does not increase blood sugar. Elevated insulin increases swelling and hampers immunity. Since Acefultame does not increase blood sugar this insulin response can stimulate reactive hypoglycemia. It has been associated with leukemia, breast cancer, thymus cancer and chronic respiratory illnesses.

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