Amgen and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a division of Wyeth, market ENBREL in North America. Wyeth markets ENBREL outside of North America. Immunex Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amgen, manufactures, ENBREL. For more information about ENBREL, including full prescribing information, refer to the website of the company or sponsor can be found by calling toll free 888 – 4ENBREL .

The binding of ENBREL to TNF renders the bound TNF biologically inactive,. In a significant reduction of inflammatory activity.. ENBREL was used more than 280,000 patients worldwide across indications.ENBREL acts by binding TNF, one of the dominant inflammatory cytokines or regulatory proteins, play an important role in both normal immune function and the cascade of reactions in the inflammatory process of RA, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and AS participated.####Columbia University Medical Center offer lead internationally in the of basic research, preclinical and clinical research, in medical and Public Health educational and in patient care for. The medical center trains future managers and containing the dedicated work of out of number physicians, scientists, nurses, dentists and public health professionals College of Physicians & Surgeons, to College of Dental Medicine, the School of Nursing, the Mailman s School of Public Healthcare, to biomedicine department Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and allied research institutions and institution.

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