Stell, Ph.D., a recent graduate of the UCLA Molecular, Integrative and Cellular Physiology Interdepartmental Graduate System, and Dr. Mahsan Rafizadeh, research associate, most from the departments of physiology and neurology in the David Geffen School of Medicine in UCLA.. Changes in certain brain receptors make a difference anxiety and seizures during the menstrual cycle A new UCLA study demonstrates changes using brain receptors can affect seizures and anxiety through the menstrual cycle–findings that may lead to novel therapies for premenstrual dysphoric disorder and various other central nervous program symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. The study ‘Ovarian Cycle-Linked Adjustments in GABAA Receptors Mediating Tonic Inhibition Alter Seizure Susceptibility and Stress and anxiety’ is published in Nature Neuroscience.Chinese authorities at first played down or ignored international concerns, and have reacted defensively by highlighting problems with imports from other countries. On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang accused the press of playing up the meals safety issue and warned that regular food scare reports may lead to consumer panic. However, the government seems to have realized that bringing its item safety standards in line with those of its international trading partners could help protect its future financial growth.

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