Dr. Angeliki Vouyouka G., Assistant Professor of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital, added that the BOD, the 30 – day mortality was was significantly lower compared with EVAR recipients OAR receiver and women . Six – year survival rate was significantly higher in men who EVAR vs. Those received OAR. There was also a subtle survival benefit for women. EVAR compared with OAR that was received obviously performed only in cases in the past few years but this advantage disappeared in 6 months Survival was also significantly higher in men than in women after emergent EVAR for ruptured AAA. ‘Gender differences result from long-term outcomes after AAA repair,’said Dr. Egorova. ‘raaa raaa where the long-term prognosis for women was significantly worse than for men, it has less invasive EVAR treatment not women seem to the same extent that it did benefit for men.

Belsh? and Horton also noted that the research shows smoking are higher in less densely populated areas of the state. On average, smoking people who live in rural California counties in a higher rate of 15.9 %, than those who for, which accounts for 10.9 % of the population.– The Tony Blair speaks in the the House of Commons at the PMQs said: ‘autism a very serious problem made taken earnestly out of our healthcare services and schools. ‘Of PM has agreed meet by Lee Scott MP and Ivan Corea. Ivan Corea the Autism Campaign UK said: ‘I am happy that autism presented at Prime Minister Question Time and are pleased that to the Prime Minister Tony Balir sees them they have serious problems. 587 000 The Autism Awareness Campaign UK on Blair require a 10-year program about build experts autistic schools to bring bring Based autism entities in mainstream primary and secondary, address the default by some secondary at teaching strategies access overcome autistic children in a mainstream setting to further and higher education, labor market for individuals with autism the whole question of the whole question of bullying and autistic children are the providing leisure activities for autistic children to to the questions she wish Prime Minister of Tony resolve Blair before he leaves office the summer..

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