It is probably the most common diseases affecting men, with current studies indicating that more than half of all men older than 60, and 80 % of most men by age 80, could have enlarged prostates. Forty to 50 % of the males who develop enlarged prostates will show with symptoms such as more regular urination, urinary tract infections, the inability to totally empty the bladder, and, in severe situations, damage to the bladder and kidneys.. Another use for Botox – enlarged prostate Botox, appears to alter particular cellular processes that contribute to prostate enlargement according to new study results presented by experts from the University of Pittsburgh and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan in the International Continence Society annual conference in Montreal.Some procedures can be achieved with sedation just. Epidural or Spinal anesthesia may be the injection of an area anesthetic to numb your skin. Prior to the anesthesiologist injects the anesthetic, the individual is normally asked to sit up and lean forwards over a pillow or even to lie on his / her aspect in a curled-up placement. With spinal anesthesia, which functions quicker, the anesthetic is positioned into the liquid that surrounds the spinal-cord. Epidural anesthesia involves putting a little catheter in the region outside of the spinal-cord sac. Anesthetics useful for spinal or epidural anesthesia in the beginning result in a feeling of warmth, accompanied by a complete lack of sensation in the low body..

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