Anti-viral drug telaprevir improves response, halves duration of hepatitis C treatment The addition of the anti-viral medication telaprevir to a typical treatment for hepatitis C can shorten the duration of therapy and increase the number of patients who could be cured of their disease, according to the results of study coordinated by investigators from the Duke Clinical Study Institute . ‘Regular treatment for the most common kind of hepatitis C is certainly 48 weeks of a combined mix of two drugs, peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin, which cures not even half of patients and has significant side effects that make it very hard for some patients to continue their treatment,’ said John McHutchison, M .D., a hepatologist and gastroenterologist and researcher at the DCRI, and lead investigator on this scholarly study.

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This study provides no proof to support the usage of antioxidant or folinic acid supplements in kids with Down’s syndrome, conclude the authors. Parents who choose to give supplements with their children have to weigh their hope of unproved benefits against potential adverse effects from high dose, prolonged supplementation. These results are supported within an accompanying editorial, which says that until evidence of any good thing about expensive vitamin supplements is obtainable, they cannot be recommended. Just click here to see full paper: Just click here to view editorial: Just click here to view full contents because of this week’s print journal:.. Antioxidants shown not to help children with Down’s syndrome develop Giving children with Down’s syndrome antioxidants and nutrients does not help their state improve at all, regarding to a scholarly research published on

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