The efficacy and safety of ARIXTRA in patients with heparin – induced thrombocytopenia type II has not been studied. Thrombocytopenia during treatment with during treatment with ARIXTRA and if the platelet count falls below 100,000 / mm3, ARIXTRA be canceled.

FDA priority review granted for ARIXTRA for the treatment of acute coronary syndromeGlaxoSmithKline plc today announced that the sNDA for its anticoagulant product ARIXTRA injection for priority review is accepted by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This application was based on positive results from two pivotal Phase III trials that evaluated ARIXTRA. In the treatment of a broad spectrum of patients with acute coronary syndrome The sNDA was 31 Presented in July 2006..Currently, there are choose the campaign in order to protect the rights of individuals, their own herbal treatments for Avaaz is, to any one of most influential overall social action sites. ‘.. ‘Consult The idea of the people should their doctor herbs get access to these herbs and it a dramatic constraint caused on herbs available widespread outrage across Europe from with the reproach promoting ‘nanny state ‘, restricting individual choice of and plays in the hands of pharmaceutical company, the profits of patenting herb treatments.

Finance From The the Wellcome Trust, to conference takes professionals from across the globe Birmingham to in order to answer questions about the regulation of herbal medicine and other supplemental health care systems and happy on continue debate on the issue. The question of Did the government the right to decide what you do to manage for your health? driving a public backlash against new European Directive, which mean herbal medicines are for sale in the shops, which are registered by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency . – The logic behind EU guideline is compelling: There are a number security issues using herbs because of their strong campaign or potential interactions with conventional medicine, said Dr.

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