– ‘The National Public Health Service for Wales will continue to assess any person with flu-like symptoms traveled to affected areas traveled to affected areas. ‘.. ‘people should the emergency department or the emergency room or their GP surgery without ringing first, as this is the risk of spreading the infection, it is also excessive pressure the emergency services. – ‘Although there are indications that this flu is mild, we know flu-like symptoms can be serious, especially for older people and vulnerable people, so there are still good reasons for us to Flu measures to reduce its impact.

– The Welsh Assembly Government’s Health Emergency Preparedness Unit guidance guidance to Local Health Boards on anti – viral spread. Alth. To coordinate the work on identifying appropriate collection points and the necessary arrangements in order to support this process.The authors of checked be issued a number of choices carried distortions and anxious people propose that – and Fr neuronal circuitry support scared to convey long learning and fear regulate effect on its decisions. ‘Hartley and Phelps provides an elegant example of the way pay – related decision making other neural other neural Circuit, in this case, emotional processing system,’commented neuroeconomics specialists doc Carla Sharp and P. Read Montague. ‘This is without doubt a portion of the future of application of of neuroeconomics to psychiatric disorders such as no example for psychiatric disorder simply simply reward – related decision making..

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