Aspirin reduces the risk of breast cancer According to a new British report, taking medicines such as Aspirin can decrease the risk of breast cancers by as much because 20 %. The report which reviewed 21 studies into the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs completed over the last 27 years, found a 20 % risk decrease in the incidence of breasts cancers. Professor Ian Fentiman of Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London, who completed the review says such medications could also help treat women who already have breast cancer. Professor Fentiman says NSAIDs, a course of common painkiller which includes ibuprofen, could help ward off the disease because they may actually offer significant security against developing breast cancers to begin with and may give a useful addition to the treatment currently available to women who already have the disease.The experts theorize that collective spiritual rituals and solutions create a feeling of community among individuals and improve positive attitudes towards parochially altruistic functions such as suicide attacks. Although, the researchers note, the greater feeling of community, developed via religious services, may possess many positive consequences. They observe, ‘Only specifically geopolitical contexts is the parochial altruism connected with such commitments translated into something similar to suicide attacks.’..

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