‘Association between environmental dust exposure and lung cancer in dogs. ‘Giuliano Bettini, Mary Morini, Laura Marconato, Paolo Stefano Marcato and Eric Zini. The Veterinary Journal Article in press, available online 30th December 2009. DOI : 10,004.

Together with co-authors from the University of Bologna, the Animal Oncology and Imaging Center in H Sonnenberg, Switzerland and the Department of Small Animal Internal Medicine at the University of Z rich, even in Switzerland, set out Bettini to examine connections between the accumulation of black dust matter in the lungs and primary lung cancer in dogs.. The study was the work of Dr. Giuliano Bettini, an associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Public Health and Animal Pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Bologna in Italy, and colleagues, and is now in the press, but online galley proof version was made available on 30 December.An estimated 1 million people are in the U.S. Have type 1 diabetes, your beta cells in the pancreas can be no longer making of insulin Without these decisive hormone. During that time to do not converted food into energy. Sustain life sustain life, You must received insulin by injection. The disease can arise of childhood, adolescents and even appear to adulthood, but the genetic platform be set beforehand.

Past studies have shown, if does not learn to the T-cells, tolerance tolerances, it to infiltrate the pancreas and grip the of insulin – producing beta cells of. This first step at the development of type 1 diabetes is as the insulitis. Later in life, within weeks to even years, immersed full-fledged type to 1 diabetes.. American scientists found genetic defectsflaws giving the ahead for that immune engage the pancreas – researcher at Joslin Diabetes Center have genetic regions if defective found thus the the pancreas is the pancreas – from Serie result from mis – steps which type 1 diabetes.

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