Course, participantsplastic Surgery By American Society Of Breast Disease AnnouncedThe American Society of Breast Disease will hold its second annual School of Oncoplastic Surgery, December 5-7, at the Westin Stonebriar Hotel convene in Dallas, Texas and Baylor Frisco Hospital. – According to leading breast oncoplastic surgeon and teacher, Gail Lebovic, ‘this unique weekend program breast surgeons provide with basic principles and techniques for state-of – the-art surgical management of breast cancer through extensive hands-on experience, live model workshops and case discussions. ‘.

Society President Julio A. That ‘the company has this special course to the growing interest of breast surgeon in the field of oncoplastic surgery, both the goals of successful cancer treatment and optimal esthetic results connects respond for women during this difficult point in her life. Lebovic merging of established experts in the area being a matter of course course faculty. ‘.Peer-reviewed Safe for Women With Breast Implants says studyThe SAV The applicator of breast brachytherapy is PO safely deliver post – lumpectomy radiation a woman with breast implants, by a recently released of paper a peer-reviewed journal. The case that SAVI an optimal clinical outcome and manufactures excellent cosmetic results, to patients very happy, the authors wrote.

The new study, led by MD Anderson Cancer radiation oncologists Elizabeth S. Is to consistent with these results. Patient in the case reporting tolerate treatment fine and without without complications of.

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