What began as a casual wager over who could consume probably the most burgers became an action of charity to greatly help local kids in need this holidays. Co-sponsor and Organizer Ryan Gray of Hill Nation Home Health, helped hand out additional money by garnering the support of Austin’s Custom made Tops. Eric Riley, co-owner of the neighborhood countertop organization, jumped at the opportunity to co-sponsor the function. ‘I love helping local Austinites in any case I can, this time around of year especially; and what better time and energy to help you children than about the holiday season,’ says Riley.According to a UNICEF information story, exclusive breastfeeding of infants and young children could conserve many lives – because breastmilk is the most complete food available, containing all the nutrients, energy and antibodies that babies need to fight attacks . Additional benefits of breastfeeding include reductions in stunted development among children and mothers’ risks of postpartum hemorrhage, anemia, maternal iron depletion, breast and ovarian diabetes and cancer tumor, according to UNICEF, IBT notes. This article was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J.

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