Bill and Melinda Gates, co – chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, called the new data is a very encouraging sign for progress in global health. The Gates Foundation has a total of U.S. $ 1, GAVI to date committed support. GAVI has also the financing of 17 donor countries, including Germany, which perpetrated committed? 8 million ( U.S. $ 10.

.. * recruitment and training of health personnel* Developing and strengthening distributing systems vaccines and medicines* transporting medical personnel and equipment* purchasing basic medical care, such as antibiotics and clean birth kits This is an exciting new direction for us, said Julian Lob-Levyt, Executive Secretary of the GAVI. Developing countries leaders are telling us that in order to continue vaccination programs, they need a larger support for the basic health infrastructure.This meeting represents one of three which in spring 2008 in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Other sessions are scheduled to other areas by Canada the course of year 2008. Dr Bill that public information session, please call Mark Clarke out of the CFIA please contact 604-666-1357 and Dr. Bill Cox, the BCMAL Animal Health Branch at 1-800-661-9903 and 604-556-3003. For more information is also available on CFIA website.

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