You are also going to perform their work to understand what caused fusion between bone marrow cells and heart muscle could, both in adult hearts and in fetal / BioPharmSystems Facebook: / BioPharmSystems LinkedIn: / Unternehmen / Biopharmazie-systems – inc YouTube: / user / BioPharmSystems Google plus: time consuming tasksMiddle East / Africa Sales Contact: Rudolf Coetzee rcoetzee biopharm com+44 1865 910 200.. ‘Both we and two American research teams, different methods were used, a study of three years ago , which appeared in Nature replicate It was about the transplantation of blood stem cells new heart muscle cells new heart muscle to repair a heart after a heart attack. But all clearly that clearly that this is not possible, ‘says Jens Nygren He is a doctoral student and part of the research group led by Professor Sten Eirik Jacobsen at the Stem Cell Center led.Now, MIT identifiers communication between brain cancer protein drugs for very aggressive cancer guide MIT researchers has found in a key connection between the two protein in the brain tumors of, a discovery which able eventually will help treat a form of brain tumors, for 99 %age of patient identified kills.

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