Renal Week 2009 will take place October 27 – November 1 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego.. Anabolic steroids may cause severe kidney dysfunction Athletes who use anabolic steroids may gain muscle mass and strength, but they may destroy their kidney function also, according to a paper getting presented in the American Culture of Nephrology’s 42nd Annual Conference and Scientific Exposition in San Diego, CA. The findings indicate that the habitual usage of steroids has significant harmful effects on the kidneys which were not previously recognized. Reports of professional athletes who abuse anabolic steroids are increasingly common. Most people understand that using steroids isn’t good for your health, but as yet, their effects on the kidneys possess not been known.Regular intake of almonds is recommended for vitamin E intake. Beans, cucumber and wholegrain foods should be taken in regulated amounts. 6. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera can be an effective weight loss herb which can be taken to improve rate of metabolism and get rid of fat. Regular intake of Aloe Vera has no side effects. Basically, herbs are not chemical pills that may immediately fire up a chemical reaction in body’s procedures to deliver results. Herbs function in a natural way to empower the body and provide it with phytocompounds because of its nourishment.

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