She spoke with authorities officials justifying the imprisonment of activists. And the segment highlighted harrowing video of regime forces capturing unarmed demonstrators, together with the mass arrests of peaceful protesters. In sum, the first 2011 CNN segment on Bahrain presented among the starkest reviews to time of the brutal repression embraced by the US-backed regime. The award-winning segment highly, that was praised by a large number of Bahrainis on Facebook aswell, aired only once in the U.S. Internationally, on CNN’s sister network, CNNi, it hardly ever aired. A pricey piece of hard-hitting, award-winning journalism never abroad aired. Why? Authorities sponsorship of ‘reporting’ ‘CNNi provides aggressively pursued a business technique of extensive, multifaceted monetary arrangements between your network and many of the very most repressive regimes all over the world that your network purports to cover,’ writes Greenwald.Ready to connect to a selection of EEG and biometric data collection systems, as well as a PC parallel port, StimTracker permits synchronization of display screen stimuli and eye-monitoring data with a broad spectrum of data types, such as EEG, heart rate, motion detection, NIRS, respiration rate, pores and skin conductance, light and sound. Fast, Reliable and Robust Solution Using an analog light sensor, StimTracker for Tobii TX300 Eyes Tracker provides a fast, robust and reliable solution. This eliminates timing errors that might appear due to delays in operating systems, graphics cards or flexible pixel refresh algorithms. How Does It Work? When a new stimulus is shown, the Cedrus Lightsensor detects a noticeable change and generates a TTL binary voltage transmission .

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