To address these questions, researchers at TUM started by introducing specially marked T cells into mice and triggering a specific immune reaction. Around a week later, they were in a position to determine how many descendant cells, and what types, had been generated by individual T cells. Biomathematical modeling, using an approach co-developed with the band of Prof. Thomas Hoefer at Heidelberg, helped to describe what the data showed. One can't predict which 'career paths' the descendants of an individual killer T cell shall take, says first author Veit Buchholz, a medical resident at TUM.Dr. Grodman will end up being chairman of the panel of directors of Charles and InCellDx T. InCellDx acquired total revenues in 2011 of around $1,121,000. BRLI is filing an 8-K providing further information on its expenditure in InCellDx.. Cole Porter was incorrect – love only lasts a year! According to researchers, those that say that real love lasts a life time have got it drastically wrong and actually it just lasts a year. It appears that the giddy, intoxicating head-spinning feeling that engulfs fans when they initial meet, all comes down to a chemical substance in the mind which wears off after just 12 months. What is more it seems that may be the case also among couples who are still passionately in love.

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