California’s severe drought could become new Dirt Bowl; ‘Agonizing death’ for farmers The worst drought in at least a hundred years threatens to lessen California’s agricultural industry to ruin, creating a new Dust Bowl possibly . Based on the White House’s best science and technology adviser, the western USA is experiencing the worst dry spell in 500 years. The drought’s influence on California specifically has nationwide implications: California may be the top farming state in the usa, producing one-third of the country’s vegetables and fruit. California is experiencing its most severe drought in at least 100 years, which Governor Jerry Dark brown has named an ‘unprecedented’ emergency.


In this full case, it turns out that a few of the children who contracted measles had not been vaccinated, which news outlets like KPBS are shamelessly blaming for the disease’s spread. Yet, at the same time, an even higher number of the infected children had been vaccinated relative to the federal government’s official vaccination schedule, that your same statement glosses over as inconsequential. Media blaming unvaccinated children for measles, even though science shows vaccines spread disease Other media reviews are not as coy in blaming the unvaccinated for this minor outbreak, that your California Department of Open public Health is now using as a tool of terror to push more people to obtain shots.

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