Caltech scientists Henry Lester, Bren Professor of Biology , and Ryan Drenan, senior postdoctoral scholar in biology , worked with colleagues from Caltech, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Rockefeller University, Targacept University of Utah and the pharmaceutical companies. Genetically genetically type of brain type of brain receptor as a ? 6 – containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptor , more sensitive nicotine nicotine and acetylcholine released. prescription medication .

Dopamine. Receptor by Caltech scientists engineered Improves understanding of dopamine systemgenetically altered a receptor on the neurons, which has been found to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine, California Institute of Technology researchers a unique insight into the workings of the brain dopamine system – and a new target for the treatment of diseases that are either too much or too little of this critical neurotransmitter.

An international leader into global health Rwandan government representative are attend at a press conference in the coming days to Kigali in order initial national first national vaccination program pneumococcal in developing countries country. Pneumococcal infections potentially life-threatening potentially life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis vaccine preventable vaccine-preventable death are less than five younger than five world.

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