The most important step in any serious illness is ‘prevention’. Ayurveda aims at a healthy lifestyle, by balancing the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of life. There is a strong tension on a balanced, nourishing diet, regular exercise and relaxation, preventive cleansing of your body at regular intervals, and a holistic approach towards materials and spiritual requirements. DS Research centre is one of the best cancer study centres which provide ayurvedic treatment for tumor by using cancer treatment Ayurveda. It has seven centres around the country. In Kolkata, it is located at P-26, C.I.T.The report looked specifically at what a 20 % tax would accomplish when it comes to overall health outcomes by analyzing adults aged 16 and over predicated on their intake patterns. After crunching the real numbers, the research team from the University of Oxford, the U.K. Health Discussion board and the University of Reading decided that the taxes would result in a 1.3 % reduction in the true number of obese adults, and a 0.9 % reduction in the number of overweight adults.

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