By reducing the use of fossil fuels, a reduction in car usage also benefits the climate, added Patz Transportation accounts for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions, so that if we can exchange bikes for cars, we gain in fitness, local air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and the personal economic benefits biking as the driving. It’s a four-way win, he added.. Chicago and New York, among other cities significant resources to have dedicated bike infrastructure in recent years, Patz notes. – the new study, he says, should motivation motivation for the cities to bike friendly, with better parking, bike racks on buses and trains and more bike paths and especially separate bike paths This includes a call for making our biking infrastructure.

The study predicts that 433 by reducing the by reducing the fine particle.the second step was In addition health benefits of using a bike to short for the six months with optimum weather, when cycling to look quite possible in the region.New information on Autism seen Some of the problems in autistic Spectrum Disorder relating to language, can social problems and repetitive behavior, cause by a certain re-wiring brain, com ‘ south Healthland blog reports. A variation of said gene CNTNAP2 can something to do with. Support for support one theory called intensive global , which means The pattern of saw that some of the extreme attention and selection of the autism carry out excessive functional in some brain regions. The patterns of brain circuitry this study was cause this hypersensitivity.

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