No UNWANTED EFFECTS Chiropractic care is the most widely-used type of drug-free of charge and non-invasive treatment in the Lexington. Chiropractic treatments are not associated with the side effects that are so common when strong prescription drugs are taken, because there is no kind of drugs used in chiropractic care. Most of the individuals feel some improvement after each treatment, with some patients needing treatments only one to three times each year eventually.The study now being published aims to help answer fully the question of whether there is normally increased cancer morbidity that can be linked with this fallout. The study divides the parishes in the seven northernmost Swedish counties into six classes based on ground protection of cesium 137. Most of the parishes in the seven counties, 333 out of 450, were influenced by the fallout. One course comprising 117 parishes received no fallout, and the people in these parishes had been used as a control group. Those individuals aged 0-60 who had been resident in the counties involved and who experienced the same address on December 31, december 31 1985 and, 1987, were monitored for development of cancer.

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