Classified as organochlorine, DDT remain in the environment long after use, which is in the food chain and in the fatty tissue of animals and humans. Over time, it degrades into DDE and DDD, compounds with chemical and physical properties similar to DDT that are also highly persistent. Thirty-three years after he was banned for use in the United States, DDT is still in about five to 10 % of this country’s inhabitants and DDE detected in almost any detectable said Eskenazi.

The team also found that the longer breastfeed the children, the better they scored on developmental tests, despite the fact that DDT is also transmitted through breast milk. This was also the case with the mothers, the high accumulation of pesticides in their bodies, a finding that suggests the benefits of nursing may potentially harmful effects of potentially harmful effects of DDT through breast milk.The magazine also provides interfaces Focus, a peer-reviewed and thematic supplements, each of question, that focusing on a certain interdisciplinary about.. Journal Royal Society InterfaceJournal of Royal Society Interface of society interdisciplinary release Research and training at the interface the physical and life sciences. It provides speed, a peer review of and high-quality peer review and ranked fifth in JCR being multidisciplinary class.

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