A broad Phase 2 program is being initiated to explore lucitanib in multiple indications, including a U.S. Study in sufferers with treatment-refractory FGF-aberrant breast cancer and a global study in individuals with advanced squamous NSCLC with FGFR1 amplification. In parallel with these Clovis-sponsored studies likely to begin in the next quarter of 2014, a Servier-sponsored Phase 2 research of lucitanib in sufferers with advanced breast cancer is underway to identify the populace of patients probably to benefit from lucitanib therapy..There is simply no requirement that a drug be authorized for a specific health before being prescribed to treat it! Concurrently, there is no requirement whatsoever that drugs be tested on kids before being marketed to children and prescribed to kids. This matter with cold medicines and kids is one small chapter in a grand simply, global hoax referred to as pharmaceutical medication. The whole lot is definitely rotten at the core, steeped in corruption and quackery, and lacking any true ethics. These companies aren’t out to create a better future for humanity, they’re out to create better earnings for themselves – – also if it means marketing potentially harmful cold medicines to kids. It’s about time the globe woke up and noticed that these cold medicines are genuine quackery.

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