Collapsed with hospitals and dialysis centers in Haiti by the earthquake, members of the Kidney Care Partners , a coalition of patient advocates, dialysis professionals, care providers and manufacturers dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are working vigorously Haiti’s pleas for dialysis responsive support for this vulnerable population in need of multiple treatments per week to live.

‘Our hearts go to the hundreds of thousands of Haitians and their families near and far in the wake of such devastation,’said Kent Thiry, Chairman of Kidney Care Partners. ‘KCP member companies and organizations, Amgen of the kidney care community have responded quickly and generously to this complaint. ‘.January 2011, convert skin cells Beating Heart CellsScripps Research Institute in scientists from adults skin cells directly to to throbbing heart cell efficient, convert without first the arduous the laborious process of production of embryonal stem such. The powerful overall technology platforms treatments treatments for a range of disease and injury, cell losses or damages of such as cardiac disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The work was Published 30 January 2011, in a advance, line edition of Nature Cell Biology. – This work is a new paradigm for in the stem cell research are reprogrammed, said The Scripps a Research Associate Professor Sheng Ding, who directed the study. We hope to there helps to overcome great certainty and other technical barriers present with some types of stem cell therapy are connected. .

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