As reports: (The cells enter the field using micrometer-sized inclusions of magnetic crystals, probably magnetite These inclusions composed coupled to the cell membrane, are changing the electrical potential across the. Membrane when the crystals in response to a change in the ambient temperature magnetic align UK . – ‘This explains why low frequency magnetic fields generated by power lines interfere with navigation system relative to Earth’s magnetic field and may induce other physiological effects,’said Winklhofer ( (! And do electrosmog is getting worse by the dayWhile the study did not look for magnetosensory cells in humans, demonstrating its identification in fish that biological systems can create these sophisticated ‘instruments ‘, feel the electromagnetic fields as any other. Physics student knows, electricity and magnetism are much the same thing: turning a coil of wire around a magnet, and it produces electricity high voltage power lines, creating a magnetic field.

But now sensors in fish and rats may explain why ‘feel ‘some people can Wi-Fi, smart meters, power lines and electropollution It is known that many people are sensitive to electromagnetic pollution. Wi-fi gives them headaches. The proximity of high voltage power lines to bring on migraines. When using a cell phone unleashed like symptoms. Until recently there was no medical understood mechanism by which electromagnetic waves, which could sensed by humans. But now, thanks to some fascinating science summarized here, this mystery can not be solved in detail. Scientist from the University of Munich, led by geophysicist Michael Winklhofer to locate and identify ‘internal compass needles’in the eyes of of the rainbow trout. These are called magnetosensory cells, and they are proving to be far more sensitive to magnetic fields than anyone previously thought.

HIV / AIDS and other infectious such as TB have been devastating African communities. According to the United countries on HIV / AIDS, in the end of 2005, 25 million sub-Saharan African with HIV / AIDS been life, when merely about 800,000 been at treat. By a physician cheaper drugs and healthcare always by philanthropic and overseas support programs available to, 80 percent rural area where rural areas where hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses are often either not available or reach and sight due to the bad roads or inadequate of transport.

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