Cross posted from Nature’s THE FANTASTIC Beyond blog. An artificial pancreas that can help control the havoc-wreaking diabetes leading to hormones has been created and successfully tested vérifier l’ensemble d’info . The machine originated at Boston University , and includes a blood sugar monitor and insulin pump installed to a notebook that runs a programme to control the levels of the essential hormones insulin and glucagon. Administering insulin to a type 1 diabetes patient carries a risk of hypoglycaemia with it always. Browse the rest of the post on THE FANTASTIC Beyond.


And however none of the function with anything that comes close to the intelligence and complexity of the organs you were born with. Care for the organs given to you by OUR MOTHER EARTH and you won’t need to live the rest of your life connected to medical devices that are billed by the hour. Oh, yeah, and did I talk about that your very own pancreas works for free? Unlike with an expensive medical device, you don’t have to pay any money to make use of your own pancreas. Nevertheless, you do possess to focus on your diet, your exercise and various other health insurance and lifestyle choices. By the way, when it comes to clarifying the tone of the story, I do recognize that we now have a relatively small number of people who suffer from type-1 diabetes through no fault of their very own.

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