A microbicide could consider the form of a gel, cream, film, tablet or sponge, or be within a vaginal ring that releases the active component gradually.. Cellulose sulfate microbicide stopped A Phase III study of the candidate microbicide cellulose sulfate to prevent HIV transmission in ladies has been stopped prematurely because of a higher amount of HIV infections in the active weighed against the placebo group. That is a disappointing and unexpected setback in the visit a effective and safe microbicide that can be used by women to protect themselves against HIV an infection. Cellulose sulfate was among four compounds becoming evaluated in large-scale studies of efficiency among women at high risk of HIV infection.CT scans and other imaging techniques tend to be used in sufferers with recurrent malignancy to assess whether the patient is responding to treatment. RECIST, the standard criteria for examining CT scans and ultrasonography, assesses treatment response by measuring the development or shrinkage of the tumor. However, unlike additional solid tumors, ovarian cancer spreads diffusely through the stomach, making tumor tissue much more challenging to detect through CT scans.

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