Disturbances in sleep / wake cycle lead to weight gain, impulsivity, slower thinking, and other physiological and behavioral changes. These findings may be particularly important for people who work layer .

Feeding high-fat food to pregnant mice can affect the brain development of their offspring, so that the puppies to be prone to obesity and exercise of addictive-like behavior in adulthood . Factors centers became less responsive in rats fed a diet high in fat, high-calorie food – changes previously seen in rats as they became addicted to cocaine or heroin. In addition, the animals were less likely to eat a balanced, nutritious diet even when the less tasty healthy food all that was available. The finding may have implications for humans, as the diets were similar to those in developed countries. Other research findings discussed at the conference ad:.Likewise with one or more services need satisfied also be doubled the likelihood of a patient withdraw from which professional service.

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