Fatal if untreated, sleeping sickness threatens 60 million people in 36 countries and has devastated many communities in sub-Saharan Africa over the last century. Since the first stage of sleeping sickness often not diagnosed, most patients are not treated until they reach the fatal second stage. Current treatment options for stage 2 sleeping sickness are either toxic or difficult in rural, remote and very poor areas where the disease continues to to use. The possible increase in the resistance to the two drugs available is also of great importance..

If left untreated, the disease is in advanced meningo – encephalitic stage . This stage 2 disease causes neuropsychiatric problems, convulsions and severe insomnia, these symptoms eventually lead to coma. Without proper treatment, the disease is always fatal. HAS is a great burden for communities and individual households. In 2002 the WHO estimated that about 1.5 million were lost disability – adjusted life years due to HAS. A recent study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have shown that the cost for each household by a HAS eruption was equivalent to 5 months of income for these households. No new treatments for stage 2 HAT can be expected in the next 5 years, so there is an urgent need for new therapies based on developing currently available drugs.. Commonly known as sleeping sickness, African trypanosomiasis is known, a life threatening illness, to the 60 million people in 36 countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, are at risk.Is Dr. Prostate Cancer Screening tenth Add Camden Discount – Urologist Centres of Alabama Wilcox County Health Department and the a prostate screening of for Saturday, October 10 sponsorship clock until 2 clock in the Department of Health situated to 107 Union St. Camden. In the past, over 150 people was was free prostatic screenings while the four-hour event.

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